Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with certain services as a user of this website, Joyce Ozier may request a little information from you.

Whenever and where-ever any information is requested from you, Joyce Ozier is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.

Information You Supply

You may wish to supply information, such as your name and email address, in order to signup for an information product download, comment on a blog post, provide feedback or even join a membership program sometime to receive benefits from that, etc,.
Clearly on occasions such as these, you are supplying information, and Joyce Ozier is collecting it, in order to meet your requirements in some way. This allows Joyce to communicate with you and fulfil your requests in respect of information and/or products you have requested.

Please note:

If you provide information in a public part of this website, such as commenting on a blog post, that information is made public by you. Such information falls outside the scope of this Privacy Policy, and Joyce Ozier cannot be held responsible for that information being made public.

No Information Shared With Others

Except insofar as required by law, or with your permission, or as necessary for the execution of your order or instructions, Joyce Ozier will not sell, rent or otherwise share your personally identifiable information to any third parties.

Your personal information will not be shared by Joyce Ozier, with anyone, except insofar as discussed in the previous and next paragraph.

Contract Services and Suppliers

In order to deliver services to customers, clients, and visitors to this website it is necessary to retain the services of outside contractors and suppliers, as well as any employees of Joyce Ozier.
Such persons as these may need relevant personally identifiable information to be supplied to them in order to execute their instructions on your behalf.
Similarly, technical support services, such as Joyce Ozier’s webmaster, is likely to have access to such information. Joyce Ozier requires all employees, suppliers and contractors to treat such information as confidential, and to use such information only on behalf of Joyce Ozier and the relevant customer, client or website visitor.


Joyce Ozier’s website services may use cookies for such purposes as to facilitate your log-in to a private area of this website, and for other website management, marketing, and information delivery purposes. In using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. If you do not agree, then please do not use the facilities of this website. Thank you.

Links To Third Party Websites

This website contains links to other websites, utilities, services and software. Joyce Ozier is not responsible for the conduct of business or privacy policies of such third parties. Please consult the terms of service, privacy policies, etc., of such third parties before you proceed to do business with or through them.

Updates and Changes

This Privacy Policy may be subject to periodic or occasional amendment and updates.
You are responsible for checking this page and ensuring that you understand the Privacy Policy current at such time as you access this website.

Thank you,

Joyce Ozier