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Small Works Now Showing at BEAN AROUND THE WORLD Main & 20th

Next time you’re strolling down Main Street with nothing to do, check out my multiple STEPPING STONES at BEAN AROUND THE WORLD. This work is fun, fresh, and inexpensive. Use them alone as a colourful accent or in multiples. Mix and match them. Have a good time!


Chutzpah Opening Reception Talk  5 with Shay Keubler Feb '15 (800x506)

Shay Keubler, choreographer and founder of the exciting dance company, RADICAL SYSTEM ART, and I interviewed each other at the Opening Reception of the ZACK GALLERY & CHUTZPAH FESTIVAL ART SHOW. I learned that he is fearless and started studying martial arts when he was five, and he learned that I like to paint with spotlights on my paintings in progress from my days working in the theatre.

There was a good crowd at the Opening and the art was great. My piece, CURTAIN GOING UP!, was included in the show.


Arrangements have been made with DENBIGH FINE ART SERVICES to support my local clients with professional art delivery and hanging at no additional cost on all purchases of my large panel pieces.

The DENBIGH name is well-known in the Canadian art world for providing the highest standard of care and attention to detail to museums and galleries, both in Canada and internationally.


Curtain Going Up

                                                                                    CURTAIN GOING UP!

I’m proud to announce that many of my works are now available as giclee and paper prints in a variety of sizes and prices through HAMBLETON FINE ART SERVICES ( This well-respected art and framing company was established in 1985 and has an outstanding reputation for artistic excellence.

Best Real Estate in the Gallery!



My painting, BANFF GALLERY, can be seen in the CERULEAN SHOW at the CITYSCAPE GALLERY at 335 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver until January 28th. It’s a great show! Apparently, there were over 300 submissions and only 22 pieces were accepted. I’m thrilled that the curators of this wonderful show chose to give BANFF GALLERY the place of honour on their entry wall, making it the first thing visitors see when they come into the gallery. What a compliment!

Try to get over to see this show. It’s worth it!

New Prior Street Studio

Prior Street Studio Dec 2014

Comfortably settled in my wonderful new studio at 405 Prior Street (near the Georgia Viaduct). Open to Studio Visits to all who would like to come by. Just give me a call first at 604-367-0809. Happy Holidays. J

“Nothing Lasts Forever”

“Nothing lasts forever”, my mother always said.  It’s over.  We wrapped up the exhibition at The Zack Gallery.
Thanks to all who were able to attend and share their heartfelt sentiments. Poetry night was a great success.
We’ll post a few videos in the coming weeks.   Stay tuned!



Marked Video. Video. Video.

The installation and opening show, Marked Panels, Panels, Panels. October 2, 2014


recent work of Joyce Ozier
950 West 41st Avenue (at Oak)

RECEPTION: Thursday, October 2nd, 7-9 pm


Hi Everyone, It’s almost here!  My show opens on the 2nd!

The Story: About this time last year, I began a series of paintings using 6’x1.5′ canvas panels 
 that could be combined in groups or used individually.
It was an experiment designed to solve a problem.  I’d reached a point in my painting 
 where I craved working ‘large’…but didn’t want to have to rent a truck every time I
 needed to transport my paintings. This way my big works would fit into my car…as well 
 as elevators! Seemed like a good idea at the time. The experiment proved to be more exciting creatively than I’d ever imagined.  The works 
I’ve produced this way have a spontaneity and energy that really excite me.

The Show:

    Now a group of these paintings will form the core of my first solo show.  Curated by well-respected Gallery Director, Linda Lando, the work will be on display at the
 ZACK GALLERY from October 2nd through November 2nd.

   We’ll celebrate on Thursday, October 2nd from 7-9 pm at the Opening Reception. I 
certainly hope you’ll be able to join us.

Plus a Delightful Added Bonus:
It’s also an opportunity to hear Elisa Thorn, the talented Canadian harpist, who’ll be 
   performing at the Opening to honour the work. She has recently returned to Vancouver 
   from a Music Residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, where she was collaborating
   with other professional musicians from different parts of the world.
Drop by, say hello, enjoy a glass of wine, and meet some interesting people.

See you on the 2nd!
Until then, JOYCE!

“Joyce Ozier’s SURGE, now on display at VanCity Savings, was stunning…it was
  able to glower and glimmer at the same time, suggesting thunder, lightning,
 and then a sudden clearing.”

Ann Rosenberg, Art Critic

“TRYPTIQUE” greets visiting clients

Tryptique by Joyce Ozier

Tryptique – Displayed at G&F Financial, Vancouver

An installation of Joyce’s work “TRYPTIQUE” was chosen to greet visiting clients at the entrance to G&F FINANCIAL in Vancouver.

“Summer Haze” at the Seymour Art Gallery

Joyce Ozier presenting "Summer Haze" at the Seymour Art Gallery - As published in the North Shore News

Joyce Ozier presenting “Summer Haze” at the Seymour Art Gallery – As published in the North Shore News

From the group exhibit DISCOVERY: AIR at the SEYMOUR ART GALLERY, North Vancouver.

Newsletter – New Year 2014

Summer-Haze by Joyce Ozier

Summer-Haze – acrylic 40″ x 30″ SOLD

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a NEW YEAR! 2014 is upon us and I hope it’s a good one for you all.
Many of you have asked me about my art, so I’ve decided to start a Newsletter. It will come out irregularly when I have something special to report…or when I have some extra time on my hands. (Ha!)
The following are some highlights coming up soon…

My painting, Summer Haze, (above) was accepted into the DISCOVERY: AIR Show at the Seymour Gallery in Deep Cove.
The gallery will be having an Opening Reception on Sunday, January 12th, from 2-4 pm. You’re all invited to join us.
The Seymour Gallery is at 4360 Gallant Avenue in Deep Cove and is open from 10 am-5 pm seven days a week. The show will be up until February 1st.

Then, on Sunday, January 26th at 2:00 pm, award-winning poet, Fran Bourassa, will be hosting an afternoon of poetry written by local writers inspired by the artworks on display.
Audience members can participate by reciting their own exhibition-influenced poem during the “Open Mike” portion of the afternoon.
Drop by and see if my painting inspires a budding e.e. cummings…or try writing a poem yourself!

For the month of March, I’ve been accepted at the BANFF CENTRE FOR THE ARTS to do an Artist’s Residency in Painting.
There, while I paint in my own little studio in the magical world of Banff and the Rocky Mountains, I will be fed and taken good care of while meeting respected artists and performers from all over the world.
Going to the BANFF CENTRE is a lifelong dream of mine…and IT’S COMING TRUE!!! I can’t wait!

Until my next Newsletter appears unexpectedly…
Many thanks for your support,


January 7, 2014

Why Abstract Art?

Looking at an abstract painting is an intuitive and emotional experience…much like listening to music. Images are not defined. It demands a sensory response. I work primarily with colour, aggressively making you respond with your senses. Each colour has a wave length that affects us primitively in it’s own unique way.

To make the jump to abstraction, you must use the right side of the brain. It is not logical. People who respond strongly to my work are able to just relax and stop looking for deep, hidden meanings. They usually experience feelings and associations. These paintings are not just decoration. They are speaking to your right brain directly.

Abstract thinking is thought to have first appeared between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago. Modern painters started experimenting with it at the turn of the 20th century and have been intrigued with it ever since.


Backgrounds Can Kill Your Painting

This may seem obvious, but many people don’t think about it.

Any painting looks best when it’s not competing with wallpaper or some sort of a busy wall.

That’s why galleries are always a neutral white. A simple white wall essentially creates a large outer frame around your painting, even when you have several paintings grouped together. This makes your painting stand out and gives it more importance visually.

Whether your painting is realistic or abstract, colourful or muted, big or small, remember that it loses a lot when it has to compete with its background.


Do I Have To Light My Paintings?

Only if you want them to glow and look their best.  Galleries know this.  You should too.

Proper spotlighting not only emphasizes key areas of the composition, but creates pools of light and dark which enliven the surface of the painting and makes it more visually rich.

As well, a bright spotlight on a specific spot will pull the viewer’s eye to where you want it to go first.

Lighting also heightens the intensity of colours and the variation of textures in any painting.


Ideally, spotlights should be placed on the ceiling in front of the painting. If possible, use a minimum of two spotlights, each coming in from the outer ends and directed toward the centre onto the painting each at 45 degree angles.

Use halogen light bulbs and fixtures as they give a very clean, intense, white light.

Avoid using coloured light bulbs, unless you’re trying to create a specific dramatic effect.  Coloured light bulbs will completely distort the colours of any painting.

This is the traditional way of lighting a painting for maximum impact.